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Erie County Sheriff’s Office

Erie County Sheriff’s Office is located at:

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2800 Columbus Ave., Sandusky, OH 44870

You can reach them by phone at (419) 625-7951.

For additional information, you can visit their official website here. Please note that this contact information is accurate as of June 2023.

The Role of the Sheriff's Department

The Erie County Sheriff's Department is dedicated to maintaining social order within Erie County by performing numerous functions working alongside local police departments. The department ensures the enforcement of federal, state, and local laws and ordinances, providing overall security to the residents of Erie County. The local sheriff's office also handles issues related to property disputes, domestic disturbances, traffic violations, and emergency incidents.


The Erie County Sheriff's Department provides several key services that help protect the local community, including:

Arrest Records Search and Criminal Records

To provide transparency and uphold justice, the Erie County Sheriff's Department allows the public to perform an arrest records search. This resource can be useful for employers conducting background checks or individuals seeking information on specific cases.

You can access these records through the Erie County Clerk of Courts website. It's important to note that while arrest records contain details about an individual's arrests, criminal records provide a comprehensive report of a person's criminal history.

Active Arrest Warrants and Erie County Warrant Lookup

Erie County Sheriff's Department maintains an active arrest warrants list, a resource that allows you to determine if a person has any outstanding warrants in Erie County. You can perform an Erie County warrant lookup via the department's website. This service helps residents be aware of potentially dangerous individuals and assist law enforcement by providing information related to these warrants.

Sex Offender Registry

As part of its commitment to community safety, the Erie County Sheriff's Department manages the local sex offender registry. This list includes individuals who have been convicted of sexual offenses and helps the department track these individuals. Residents can check the Ohio Sex Offender Registry for updates.

Most Wanted List

Erie County Sheriff's Department maintains a Most Wanted List to seek the public's assistance in locating individuals with outstanding arrest warrants. It is an important tool used to keep the public informed and safe.

Bail Bonds

The Erie County Sheriff's Department has a system in place to post bail for those who have been arrested. This is typically coordinated through local bail bonds companies. Information about the bail bonds process can be found on the department's website or by contacting the Erie County Jail directly.

Erie County Police Departments

The Erie County Sheriff's Department collaborates with local police departments to ensure the enforcement of laws and safety within the county. Police departments within Erie County, Ohio, include the Sandusky Police Department, Huron Police Department, and the Vermilion Police Department, among others. Contact information for these departments can be found on the respective city websites.

Please remember to use these resources responsibly and remember that law enforcement agencies rely on the cooperation and support of community members to maintain safety and order.

How to Use Erie County's Resources

When utilizing these resources, it's important to remember that misuse can lead to penalties, including legal action. This information is made available to promote public safety and awareness, not for harassment or illegal activities.

Working With the Erie County Sheriff's Department

The Erie County Sheriff's Department believes in fostering strong relationships with the community. There are various ways you can work with the Sheriff's Department to promote safety and security in Erie County.

Community Policing

The Erie County Sheriff's Department emphasizes the importance of community policing. This involves the cooperation between law enforcement and the community to solve problems and prevent crime. Residents can participate by reporting suspicious activities, participating in neighborhood watch programs, and attending community meetings.

Volunteer Opportunities

There are also volunteer opportunities available for those who wish to contribute their time and skills to support the work of the Erie County Sheriff's Department. Volunteer roles may include administrative tasks, community outreach efforts, or support during emergency situations.

Employment Opportunities

The Erie County Sheriff's Department often has openings for various roles, from sworn deputies to support staff. Individuals interested in law enforcement or public service careers are encouraged to explore these opportunities.

Resources for Victims of Crime

The Erie County Sheriff's Department is committed to supporting victims of crime. This includes providing access to resources that can assist victims in coping with the aftermath of a crime, understanding their rights, and navigating the criminal justice process.

Victim Assistance

The Erie County Victim Assistance Program provides comprehensive support services to victims of crime, including advocacy, counseling, and assistance in filing for victims' compensation.

Protective Orders

In situations involving domestic violence, stalking, or harassment, individuals can apply for protective orders. The Sheriff's Department is responsible for enforcing these orders.

Law Enforcement Agencies

Apart from the Erie County Sheriff's Department, several other law enforcement agencies operate within the county. These include the Ohio Highway Patrol, Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife, and the various municipal police departments. The Erie County Sheriff's Department collaborates with these agencies to ensure law enforcement coverage across the entire county.

Reporting a Crime

To report a crime in Erie County, residents should contact their local police department or the Erie County Sheriff's Department directly. In emergency situations, dial 911 immediately. For non-emergency situations, the Erie County Sheriff's Department can be contacted at (419) 625-7951.

The Sheriff's Department's Role in the Legal Process

The Erie County Sheriff's Department also plays a crucial role in the legal process. Deputies serve warrants and subpoenas, transport prisoners, provide security in courtrooms, and enforce court orders. This ensures the smooth operation of the county's legal system and aids in maintaining order.

Partnership with Local Organizations

The Erie County Sheriff's Office works closely with local organizations and groups, such as schools, businesses, and non-profit organizations. This collaboration enhances community safety and encourages a cooperative approach to law enforcement. Through these partnerships, the Sheriff's Office aims to address community concerns proactively and promote public safety.

Compliments and Complaints

To maintain a high standard of service, the Erie County Sheriff's Department has a process for accepting both compliments and complaints from the public. Compliments allow the department to recognize and reward exceptional service. Complaints, on the other hand, are seen as an opportunity to improve services and address issues.

Public Records Requests

Under Ohio's public records law, members of the public can request access to records maintained by the Erie County Sheriff's Department. This includes incident and accident reports, dispatch logs, and other records. To request these records, individuals can contact the Erie County Sheriff's Office directly.

Educational and Outreach Programs

The Erie County Sheriff's Department believes that education and outreach are key components in crime prevention. They offer various programs aimed at providing information and resources to the public. Some of these programs include Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.), Neighborhood Watch, and seminars on personal safety and crime prevention.

Concealed Carry Permits

In Ohio, the sheriff's office is responsible for issuing concealed carry permits. The Erie County Sheriff's Department provides information on how to apply for a concealed carry permit, the necessary training, fees, and renewals.

Animal Control

The Erie County Sheriff's Department also handles animal control issues within the county. This includes responding to reports of stray, injured, or dangerous animals.

Property Auctions

From time to time, the Erie County Sheriff's Department may hold property auctions for unclaimed property or items seized during criminal investigations. Information about upcoming auctions can usually be found on the Sheriff's Department's website or by contacting them directly.

Traffic Safety and Patrols

The Erie County Sheriff's Department conducts traffic patrols and enforces traffic laws to ensure the safety of road users within the county. They also provide public education on traffic safety and participate in state and national traffic safety initiatives.

Emergency Response

In emergency situations, the Erie County Sheriff's Department works closely with other emergency services, such as fire departments and ambulance services, to ensure a coordinated response. The Sheriff's Department has deputies trained in various aspects of emergency response, including disaster response, search and rescue, and tactical response.